Cogent Collective is on hiatus!

So after giving it a lot of thought I realized I just don’t have a lot of time to invest in blogging anymore.The new year is upon us and I decided my resolutions are to spend more time being productive in my real life family and career and when I am on SL all I really want to do is spend time with my wife and a few good friends. I will maybe blog here and there sporadically but I am not going to be as invested in it as I have been. Much love to everyone out there in SL and FB and see you when I see you!


No Tag, You’re it!

Awesome new store No Tag has an awesome group gift out that you need to go grab up.


No.Tag – GroupGift #1 Male

Vintage_HIPSTER Gifrgroup [BLK2.0] (Group Gift)

.:SS:. (regular fit) MENS MESH JEANS (neon blue) (Past Hunt Gift)

What dreams are made of.

If you haven’t ran over to the awesome New York City sim you need to get there now. The hunt is on! 12 golden apples to find for just 12 lindens each!



Adjunct – Manhattan Pipe*The Golden Apple Hunt 2012*

Switch. NYC Mens Punk’t Boots *The Golden Apple Hunt 2012*

.:VyC:. Downtown Scream\Mesh Eye *The Golden Apple Hunt 2012*

[AB] MESH Mark Jeans Straight Dark Blue Mens Dept

[AB] MESH Turtleneck Brown with elbow pads @ F R O S T

!!!    GIFT MHO   !!!!  black cap (Old hunt gift)

Male Skin 01 H Promo (by Unique Megastore)

I’m a muthafuckin monster [LOTD]

All I have to say for this is RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!



Pixlights Casual Jacket (MESH) SB GRAFFITI (Mens Dept December)

CS Design – Belt M01 – White -L$10 (Marketplace)

AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Human

SuPerBia PierCinGs _SeT 8_ MaLe

(FYI I edited out the cheek plugs)

[GIFT] Rubik’s-Cube Necklace     -RYCA- Free

Menstuff Hunt Gift #145  Benjaminz Black Denim_MMesh (Past Hunt Gift)

(/HeadzUp!\) Mishka, Keep Watch (Past Gift)

:..SANTO..: Warthogs_9_Sneakers (Group Gift)

Formerly Heartsick

I am always on the prowl for great looking skins for men in SL. This one has a really unique pale tone to it. Some muscle definition but not so much it makes you look terribly bulky. I personally love the wolverine style chops on it too. It is an awesome group gift for joining Aeva//Heartsick which is currently free to join. While you are there check out the rest of the great selection of male skins as well as a small area for some discounted past gifts and special skins.


Inked In Skin

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” -Jack London

I crawled the Marketplace in search of nice looking free and cheap tattoos.

I turned up these and figured I would do a post and share.

Worn throughout post:

Skin: COLIN XYR rosy-pale HB *Step inSide* (XYROOM)

Hair: [BURLEY]_Biff_Blacks

Piercings: *P* Unisex Face Piercing K8 ~8 Metals~ , .Pekka. Salacious Unisex Piercing

Pants W/Kilt: !gO! Mads Pants (Mens Dept)

~Clockwise from left~


– BlackFeet – Maori [FREE]

:: YaYo :: – Anatomy – Tattoo

~Clockwise from left~

Andie – Tattoo / Baggy Pants Gift

ELVEN G.G.N Tattoo ***PROMO***

Arms: KZ – Tattoo Koi Braco K4 – RED

XXX Neck: :: YaYo :: – XXX Neck Tattoo

Chest Cards: Vestigium – Let’s Play – Free

Bastard: Fallen Angel Designs: Bastard  tattoo

~Clockwise from left~


ELVEN Cross Tattoo 1

{T~N~T}Death Trip Tat


Thugs Studs and Gentlemen Hunt

SL Hunts


heme: We are back again for another Hunt!
Hunt for ALL Male Avatars!  Thugs, Studs, Alpha, Bulls, Gentlemen!

Shop owners to provide: Various types of avatar Fashions, including clothing, shoes, accessories, skins, shapes, and other enhancements.
Hunt Name: Thugs Studs and Gentlemen Hunt
Hunt Date: December 7-21, 2012
Applications Date: Deadline Nov. 17, 2012
Organisers SL Name: Renee India
Any Other Info: Applications accepted Online only, see my inworld profile Pick for direct url and other information.
Type of Hunt: Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location: tbc

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