Tricked and Treated

This is what happens when I’m left alone at the Breedables Expo. Me,shirtless, running wild through the sim clicking on all the puking pumpkins! Most of the  vendors there have out pumpkins, you can either get a nifty prize or a not so nice gift that will make you boo-hoo. Anyway, Enough for my corny jokes, Check out the gifties!

Get them all Here


WTTJ  PlushPuppet Tiger Ebony

Jester Beard – Tricked by Dwarfins (wear)

KittyCatS! – SkeleCat on a Broom (wear me)

Jiaolong Shoulder Pet (wear me)

Trick – Licorice Stick Nibble – Plain ( wear me )

Fennux – Grabber – Halloween Jack


Booshies 2012 Halloween Girecko Statue (Skull)

Amaretto Treat Cupcake Decor **rez me**


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